Wind mitigation is the process of assessing the likelihood your home will suffer damage during a storm so that you can in turn reduce it. Wind damage is one of the most expensive and most common problems a homeowner can face, making wind mitigation an important step when we perform a home inspection. While your central Florida home insurance most likely covers wind damage, you’ll want to minimize these claims. Wind Mitigation is most often done for insurance purposes and is a vital inspection, even if you have a brand new roof. With wind mitigation, it’s likely you’ll get a reduction in insurance costs. A number of coastal states, including Florida, require insurance companies to offer discounts for a certified wind mitigation inspection.

A wind mitigation inspection is likely to add up to big savings. This service will also help you to prepare for hurricane season. Hurricane season lasts from the beginning of June to the end of November, but strong winds, which don’t uncommonly pull off roofs, any time of the year could result in costly repairs. Water, too can cause damage if a roof isn’t preventing it from seeping in and ruining your biggest investment – your home.

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