In performing a home inspection, Home Inspection of Central Florida will assist the seller in getting ahead of existing issues a potential buyer might find in the home. It isn’t uncommon for a deal to fall through when a potential buyer finds out there is a bigger problem they will need to handle on their own. Faulty plumbing, black mold or a short in electricity isn’t at the top of many homebuyers’ lists! If no issues are found, which does happen, this can undoubtedly be a huge selling point for many potential buyers.
,br>If a seller chooses to not address these issues, they will be able to give the buyer full disclosure as they view the property. A pre-sale inspection will give the seller more leverage in negotiations. Additionally, a pre-sale inspection of a home located in the Lakeland, Lake Placid and Winter Haven area gives the seller a leg up, saving them money as negotiations on who-pays-for-what are made. Future homeowners often overestimate the costs of repairs.

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