Advanced pool inspections for your residential pools in Lakeland, Lake Placid, Winter Haven, Kissimmee, and Riverview, Florida.

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Home Inspections of Central Florida does Advanced Pool Inspection, too!

It can be difficult to find pool inspection in the central Florida area. And pool safety is a big deal. Some home inspection companies don’t want the responsibility of your family and friends’ safety and you’ll come to see many of the companies who typically handle pool inspections stay busy with their books tightly scheduled. That’s where Home Inspection of Central Florida comes in. We’re here to pick up the slack and aren’t intimidated by the important job of performing a pool inspection. We aren’t worried by pool inspection jobs because we leave no room for error.

Additionally, a pool that’s not in its best condition becomes a money pit, constantly causing you extra expenses that could be saved by simply identifying and solving the problem. We’ll let you know of any existing issues, giving you the power to take action.

Pool Inspection - Central Florida

What do pool inspections in Central Florida cover?

It’s part of the Home Inspection of Central Florida promise to go above and beyond, inspecting every inch of your home - and this means the pool too! While not many offer pool inspection in the Lakeland, Lake Placid, Winter Haven, Kissimmee, and Riverview areas, we’ve brought the service to our community.

Our Advanced Pool Inspection includes taking a closer look at electrical, bonding, safety standards, drains, filters, skimmers and functionality.

Central Florida Pool Inspectors You Can Trust

When our team arrives at your home, we’ll perform a few routine checks. You’ll notice us looking for any issues with the pool deck, coping and the mastic which connects the two. We’ll make note of safety features, like secure fences and gates that latch – or a lack of. Our team will make homeowners aware of pool liner and foundation issues, like leaks and cracks and will take a closer look at the pool hardware too, things like drains, ladders, handrails and lights. We’ll also make certain all electrical components are in working order, think pool filters, pumps and heating systems.

Why do you need pool inspections? A pool adds value to the potential home you’re buying or selling – but only if it’s in good condition. If there’s any issues or damage, you’ll want to know as soon as possible, and preferably before you buy the home or put it on the market. It’s standard practice to have a home inspected by a professional before purchase, why wouldn’t pool inspection be the same? And why not have all these services done through the same home inspection company and in one go?

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