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Taking A Closer Look At Four Main Systems Of The Home

Why do you need a 4 point inspection? If you’re a homebuyer in Lakeland, Lake Placid, Winter Haven, or Kissimmee, or Riverview, Florida, you’ll likely need a 4 Point Inspection to get your home insured or to be approved for financing. Four point inspections cover the four main systems of the home, including HVAC – heating, ventilation and air conditioning, electrical wiring, plumbing and roofing. Home Inspection of Central Florida will take a closer look at your electrical wiring and panels, plumbing connections and fixtures, and examine the roof.


Central Florida HVAC Inspection

When taking a look at a home’s HVAC unit, our 4 point inspection experts will check for any signs of leaks, water damage, blockage, or safety issues as well as when the system was last serviced. During a visit from our team, one of our professionals will spot any issues and prevent the need for a costly repair. An HVAC inspection is well worth a homeowner’s time and money, as you’d rather invest a little now than be hit with a large and unexpected bill later.


Central Florida Electrical Home Inspection

An electrical inspection is also vital, as it offers a comprehensive checkup for your home’s electrical components and is extremely beneficial for both future homeowners and those looking to prelist a home. You wouldn’t want to purchase a home with dangerous or faulty wiring before knowing what you’re getting into. An electrical inspection by Home Inspection of Central Florida also evaluates whether the amperage of your system is sufficient for the property’s requirements. Among several other points, home inspectors look for exposed wiring, empty fuses, outdated wiring and signs of scorching


Central Florida Home Plumbing Inspection

While buying a new home is a good investment, an even better investment is a home with a sound, well-functioning plumbing system. And if the plumbing isn’t up to standard, it’s good to know before making the big purchase. Knowing this will help give you or a home seller a better understanding of what additional costs will accrue before the home is inhabitable. No one wants to live in a home where an outhouse is necessary or the toilet backs up into the shower!

A plumbing inspection will take a closer look at any location in which water runs through your home - toilets, tubs, pipes and lines, checking for leaks, blockages and damage.


Central Florida Home Roof Inspection

A roof inspection in Florida is vitally important. With strong winds, rain, and the occasional unpleasant weather in Lakeland, Lake Placid, Winter Haven, Kissimmee, and Riverview regions, you’ll want to make certain your roof will hold up and won’t be prone to leaks.

When we examine a house’s roofing, our 4 point inspection professionals look for damaged shingles, missing shingles, and water spots. Home Inspection of Central Florida will also note the age of your roof, shape of the roof and type of material used in the construction of your roof.

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