A home inspection is simply an inspection of a house’s structure and a house’s various systems.

You’ll want a home inspection before purchasing your Central Florida home. A home is a big buy, after all. A home inspection will make certain you’re informed before purchase.

You could certainly try, but a home inspection report is not valid unless performed by a licensed professional.

A home inspection timeline varies and can take anywhere from 0 to 15 days once a contract is signed. This timeline includes due diligence, the inspection and the report.

No. A home does not pass or fail an inspection. An inspection is simply an examination of the current condition of the structure.

If your home inspector find issues, they will make you aware. This way you are able to make an informed decision before you purchase the home.

You don’t need to be present for the inspection. If you have any questions concerning the inspection, the Home Inspection of Central Florida team will discuss with you after.

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